From Em, Charlestown Mass. 8/7/1916

Dear Sam.


Well. Your letters, cards, medels, and pictures are all here. Gee those souviniers are bocker I oh. There’s some class to the pictures too. How did you happen to have a tie on? I guess you bought that for the purpose didn’t you. Now you didn’t have to excuse yourself for your short letter because you know that a short letter is better than none. I got your long letter too. Im glad to know you’re on the job and everything is going along alright. Your picture looks good and your face looks fatter in that than the one I took at Framingham.


Its awful hot up here today but there is just a little breeze blowing now. Pa is feeling good. He likes the picture with the hat on the best but I like the other one. Those medels are just what I like. When you come home I want to have my picture snapped with your uniform on and all those medels on me too.


I was going out to Somerville to see a girl I knew (who married Jack Doherty you know him) and took Mary with me. She dancest for them and we had a great time. She went to church yesterday then came up here and I took her home about 8 o’clock.


Say Sam as for giving you a drink of water at the table, I only wish I could hand you a glass full now and pull your hair while your trying to read this. The papers don’t say a word about you fellows now so I don’t know what your doing down there.


Madge is feeling much better now than what she was. There is no news as everything is the same. Henry wasn’t over yesterday but I guess he is afraid that he’s putting Lena to work. We had some biscuits for him too. He may be over next Sun and I hope so. He is very sociable and full of talk and makes lots of company.


Well I’ve sat here five minutes trying to think what to write but can’t. Molly sent up her gas stove and now the question is where will we put it. Why not up in “Sam’s room.” Well hoping this letter finds you well and happy I will close.


With Love from all.



P.S. Have you got your washing done yet?


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Camp Cotton, Texas 8/7/1916

Dear Em,


Forgive me for not writing yesterday, and the day before, I guess, for I am acting Mess Sergeant now and being a new man at this kind of business, it takes about all my time to catch on. You see the First Sergeant was reduced to the rank of duty sergeant, and our Mess sergeant was put in his place, and I was told by the Captain to act as Mess Sergeant until further notice. I hope he appointes some one else for I want to drill and keep up in the military end of it as long as I am in the game. The Mess serg. stays in the kitchen all the time and sees that the men get enough to eat and what they get is good.




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Camp Cotton, Texas 8/5/1916

Dear Em,


This is inpection day. Every single thing we own is spread out and it has to be just so. You speak of receiving a souviner. Now I sent two, that is, two pins. I wish you would let me know what you mean by say only one souviner for I hope that both of the pins that I sent was received by you. I am feeling the same as usual, and hope all you dear folks at home are well and standing up under the Terrific weather. I see that the Red Sox are in first place. I am going to be there for the Big Series.





Dear Lena


To continue the postal that I sent Em, I wish to inform you that as far as I can make out we are to stay here for one week more and then hit for Galveston after that? This outpost work is getting to be very important, for we have to be on the alert at all times. We can never tell when the Spicks will pick one of us off, or rush one of our out gaurds, and as we non comps are in charge of these men and posts, it makes our work more important than you can imagine. (Adious)





Dear Pa,


You will see this (the three postals) is nothing but a letter addressed to the family. I suppose you got enough traveling in your vacation, and I bet you can imagine the monoteny we went through in getting away down here. Of coarse it will not be so bad going back. We were talking to an old fellow yesterday who is 101 years old. He said he came from N.E. 80 years ago and adds that this is the best country God ever made and that he wouldn’t go back to N.E. for a million. He was never sick in his life and works his ranch every day. He is going to live 50 years longer.




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