Camp Cotton, Texas 8/26/1916

Dear Lena,


I guess we are getting the best of the bargain, as far as temperature is conserned at that. It has been nice and cool here all day today. But say Lena, the sun sure does bake every thing it hits. As long as you can get in the shade here life is sweet, but out drilling in the sun it is awful. Right now as I write this letter, I am sitting in my tent and there is a steady breeze blowing across my cot. But if I should just step out side, Id swear there wasnt a breath of air at all. As I said in my post card it was cool this morning, and I bet we will need our blankets tonight alright.


I hope you enjoyed the exhibition at the big park. I am sorry that your plans for going to N.Y. has been upset on account of Preparedness, but winter isnt a bad time to visit a big city. Of coarse I hope I will not be here as long as that but you never can tell. I don’t know what difference it makes what regiment a fellow belongs to, but I will say right here that the 8th is the best. I can bet you stopped them all right when you got started. More speed to you. One Regiment is doing as much as the other and if they wasn’t you would hear from it I tell you.


I am glad to hear that Henry pays you a visit once in a while. Tell him he is lucky that he can. I wish I could. We are to be inspected for our field or battle work tomorrow, and our equipment Wednisday. Before this reaches you you will have read what the 5-8-9th are rated as.


It hasn’t rained now for two days and we are doing fine. I hope that it will get cooler soon, and do take it easy, and dont get any of those head aches that you are so subject to. You bet Mary and I will be good pals and tell her I am just waiting for the time that I can get her in my arms and pay pack some of those XXXXX she sent me and all the soldiers down here. She may think that I am a coon when she sees me, but I will find a way to over come this I guess.


It is said that we are to go on a seven day hike very soon after this inspection and that will test the regiments better than any thing else unless it is the real stuff. And no danger of any thing like that. Well I am going to answer Ems letter and then I am going to take in my wash.





Dear Em


Im afraid Im not going to have much time to write to you so excuse me if I make use of this excuse to fill up this paper as soon as I can. I am very sorry that you don’t get any releif from the heat. I hope you all enjoyed the show. I suppose Pa gets all the bacon an eggs in the morning that he wants.


Talking of chicken soup that is what we had this noon. It is just what you say in regards to my return. You never can tell what tomorrow brings until it is yesterday. All the boys are shooting crap in this tent and talk about the Sunday mornings when we lived on High St. nothing to it. I will have to cut this letter until after Retreat, for it is almost 5 now and I got quite a wash out between the tents. If I don’t get them in pretty soon they wont be there thats all.


Well the clothes are in, Ive stood Retreat and here I am at it again. The next call will be mess. I fell pretty hungry so I hope they have some thing good. Please excuse this writing but I am in a hurry and Id like to get this letter off before grabbing my eats. Gee but its nice and cool here today. I can hardly realize that I am away down here on the Rio Grande. Probably it is because I am feeling so good.


We are in for a hard days work tomorrow and I am going to get a good nights sleep tonight. That is one good thing down here. There hasn’t been one night that it wasn’t comfortable to sleep, not one. Tonight it is going to be cold I think.


Good luck


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Somewhere on the Border, Texas 8/24/1916

Dear Em,


Well the days are rolling by kid, and we kiss them all good by. We are out here on out post. I am in charge of Cossack Post #3, from picket #2, from Support #1. This post is the nearest one there is to camp though. When ever I mention that we are on out post, you can feel pretty sure than it is raining. It started at about two oclock this morning, but it has let up a little now.


I took a walk down to the Fifth Monday night to look up Jim Coyne, and found that he was transfered to the Supply Co. of that Reg. He wasn’t there, and, after waiting around awhile I desided that I would look him up again.


I have found out that the raining season lasts about a month, but it is early this year. One good thing about the rain, it lays the dust and sand, making the noted sand storms impossible.
I am feeling fine.





Dear Lena.


I sent Em’s post card in, and we are waiting now to be releived. I know that the both postals will reach there the same day, but Ive got a pencil that is pretty long, and I want to use some of the lead so that I can make it shorter to fit in my pocket. We had both our breakfast and dinner brought out to us and here is what we had. This morning, coffee, bread, cheese, oat meal. Dinner, corn chowder, bread pudding, bread, lemonade. So you see we ate pretty good to-day. It has cleared off warm, and I suppose that means more rain to-night. Well we will be back at camp, under the big tents so we are not worrying.


Just now, one of my sentinals caught a spick trying to cross our line. Nothing doing. The idea is, Washington has found out that there is a lot of stuff such as amunition, and supplies being smuggled into Mexico, and our officers are very careful that it does not get through us.


Yes my washing is all done thank you. Gee I will have to get out of my clean habits when I get home, if not there will be some wash every week, and Im afraid the water bill will come pretty heavy on Mr. Holland. A bath every day and a change of every thing I wear would hardly make anything else possible. What do you say. One thing is sertain though, Ive learned to bath quicker and change quicker, for you know in this life, it is preparedness and speed that gets one by. I am the only one in my tent that strips down nights. The others are either too lazy or too slow to dress. First call in the morning is 5.20 and assembly at 5.30 so you see I have to use speed. All of our property is to be inspected by the Regular Army soon. Wish K Co. luck. I cant think of any thing to say.




 © Copyright 2008 by Richard Landers, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission.


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