Camp Houston, Lynnfield Mass. 8/1917

First Sergeant Sam Avery and the rest of K Co., 8th Mass Infantry left Somerville on 7/27/1917 and moved to Camp Houston at Lynnfield, Mass. where they remained for nearly a month until 8/21/1917. During this time Sam did not write any letters home because he was local enough to still enjoy direct visits from the family. He also knew that his ultimate destination would be Camp Bartlett in Westfield, Mass. where many New England National Guard troops were being assembled for reorganization.

While supervising his men in Lynnfield, Sam handled the usual disciplinary matters which primarily involved being A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Official Leave). These offenses were handled first by court martial to determine guilt based on the facts, then followed by punishments including confinement, extra duty and labor. Following are some notes from Sam’s pocket diary regarding events and activities during this period of time.

· Emerson A.W.O.L. Aug. 4/17 summary court. and convicted for 3 days in confinement.
· Priv Miller A.W.O.L. Aug. 5 Company Punishment.
· Henry E Babineau, in that he did fail to report for profalactic treatment after sectual intercourse 10 days labor.
· Left Camp 12.30 Aug 5/17 to take part in Belgian Parade. Arrived back in camp 7 pm.
· Gaurd Aug. 6/17
· Summery court. Aug. 11 Privs. Gilpatrick, McIntosh, Alsen A.W.O.L. from 9 am Aug 10 to 6.50 pm Aug. 13.
· Priv. Hanson, Leroux A.W.O.L. from 1st class 14th. Company punishment or in quarters for 14 days. E.D. Aug. 14/17 to 28th.
· Left Camp Houston 9.30 am Aug 21, Arrived at Westfield at 2 pm Aug 22/17.
· 8 oclock Monday night all non comps march to Y.M.C.A.

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