Scofield Farm, Dracut Mass. 9/3/1917

Dear Em,


I suppose you’ll wonder at my writing from hear but when (all told) it is a short story. I got a forty eight hour leave of absence got home at 11 PM Sat. night and went to bed. Pa called me at five oclock to have some breakfast. He said he had a great feed for me. I went down and there was some beans, bread and coffee. I guess I made him late for work for he kept talking (you know him). Lil is spending two weeks vacation up hear, and I thought Id run up and see her. She saw that I was put up last night and we’ve just eaten breakfast. Ive got to catch the five oclock train tonight for Springfield so Im going to make to best of the day. I feel very sorry that I will not see you on this trip, but as I expect we’ll stay in Westfield for some time yet, I hope to see you later.


I got your address off a letter. I hope it right for I thought I get home before I wrote and therefore make sure. Are you folks enjoying yourself? If not why not. Pa seems to be having the time of his life, all alone. By the way, Mr. Holland gave me a great dinner Sunday. She kept pairing potatoes as Id eat them.


Well I know I should write more but I haven’t got much time now. Ill write when I get back to camp. Ill expect a letter from you when I get back.




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  1. Dear Readers:
    This letter was written by Sam to his sisters Em and Lena who were vacationing with friends in Winthrop, Mass. during the time he had a 2-day pass to visit Pa at home in Charlestown.


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