Camp Bartlett, Westfield Mass. 9/8/1917

Hdq. Co 103rd U.S. Inf.


Dear Em.


Tell the rest of them that I address these letters to you as one of the family and not because I don’t mean to write to the rest.


In looking through my old field desk I found these old pictures, taken on the border. The one in my undershirt was taken as I was cleaning my pistol. I don’t want you to think Im getting vain and picture crazy. I guess you all know that by the way I used to spend my time in the bath room. Im thinking of having one good photograph taken before we pull out of here, which is shortly by the looks of things.


I understand that the 101st Regiment (which was the Old Ninth) is on transports in N.Y. Harbor now. I dont suppose there is a man in this organization that knows where he is going, only that he is on his way. Of coarse as far as I know they may still be in Framingham, but from all accounts I guess they are on the go. Im ready to pull out of here in a minutes notice.


It sure does look like Fall here today. I sleeped fine last night, as good as I ever did in my life I guess. I don’t know what in the world I ever started this letter for, for I havent a thing to say of any importance. It at least lets you know that Im well. I suppose as soon as I mail this Ill get one from one of you and that will mean another. Well its a good habit any way, and I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing. This is some old company paper I dug up and I think it takes the ink very good.


One of the fellows who was on pass came back last night and said it was warm in Boston. Say ship some of it out to Westfield will you. You’de laugh to see us eating our grub this morning. We had some toasted corn flakes, two hard boiled eggs , (but they were warm) and coffee and bread. It is some job pairing an eggs on a cold morning believe me. Shake, say you should have seen us. But they are in us now so why talk. The old sun doesn’t know whether to shine or not I guess. It feels great when it comes out. I hope this cold business isn’t going to be all Ill be able to fill a letter with. Last year it was all hot if I remember rightly. There is very little sickness here now which is very incouraging.


All these Maine chaps are strong for foot ball, and I guess there is going to be many a fine game to watch before the snow begins to fly. An awful lot of them are Colby and other colledge men. Sunday there was a game between the M. D. and A. Co. that would have pleased Burt very much. The lieutenant that has charge of the section Im in is a Plattsburger, and his name is Frothingham. I guess Burt will remember when he played for Harvard.


I guess Ill call this off now. Hoping to get a pass so I can get home to see all of you I remain





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