Camp Bartlett, Westfield Mass. 9/9/1917

Hdq. Co 103rd U.S. Inf.


Dear Em


Received all the post cards today and they did look good. I havent got anything to say only, that Im feeling tip top. It is very cold here nights and chilly here even now 5.10 P.M. It is hard telling whether we will stay here very much longer or not. All the horses and mules have been shipped (some where) the drivers have gone with them. They packed the animals on cars for a four day trip. The men have got two days rations.


I suppose your all burnt up like myself and I hope you and the rest feel as good as I do. We had chicken and ice cream today, but I will say that we have been feeding rotten of late. I went down town last night for a hair cut and had a feed while there. Im getting fat. That’s no kidding either. You mentioned about it being cold well youd ought to come out here and sleep in one of these tents on a cot. Im the only one in the tent that gets down to the underclothes, and OH it is fine when 5.30 comes and I have to roll out of bed. –But Im getting fat.–


I hear that the long passes are to be discontinued but if we get paid Im going to make one awful attempt to get home to see you folks again. Two other fellows and myself, (who were the only ones left in the tent this morning) the others being on a pass had a fine job lugging sand for the floor of our tent. Say a tub of sand is some heavy and we must have carried about 25. It was worth while though, for it makes the tent look as though it was pitched on a beach. Believe me it will feel as though it was, too in the morning. Cold. But I don’t think we’ll weaken yet.


Tell the Holland’s I was asking for them and that I’ll send them a letter when I find time. Ive got charge of a thousand dollars of canteen books, and it is some job keeping track of the dough when it is split up amongst 294 men. I suppose Lena has been working her head off cleaning up after the house was left, for two weeks. We are all to get two new O.D. uniforms 3 suits of heavy winter underwear, five pairs of heavy winter socks, and two pair of hob nailed shoes. Overcoats have been issued, and we are waiting now for a long cold winter.


I suppose Mary will be starting to go to school soon. Tell her I send her a big X every night. I know I should send Madge and Molly a card or some thing but you see I never know just when I have time. For instance since starting this letter Ive been stopped four times already to report at the head of the street or some other such junk. The old boys of K. come over every night and we have quite a reunion. We use to give them the devil and make them step around pretty lively but they seem to wish we were over them again.


I guess Ill stop this chatter for the present and give you a chance to do some thing that you might be more interested in. We have got to be innoculated and vaccinated very soone and that is more trouble. Some of the fellows thats had it say it leaves you very sick. I won’t weaken




P.S. Here you have a copy of a poem written by one of the old K men after they pulled, split, and smashed our happy family all to pieces. It is the sentiment of every man. He has written another one about how us twelve sergeants stuck to Tobey even though we reduced ourselves by so doing. Let me say right here that it was an awful mistake when they broke up the best Regiment of them all.


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  1. Dear Readers:
    Please visit the page “In Memory of Old Company K” for a copy of the poem referred to by Sam in this letter.


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