The Long Journey Over There

First Sergeant Sam Avery left Camp Bartlett with men of the 103rd’s 1st Battalion on September 24, 1917 and traveled by train to Hoboken, N.J. where they boarded the S.S. Saxonia and set sail for Halifax, Nova Scotia the next day. They arrived safely in Halifax 3 days later. After spending one night in Halifax Harbor, the Saxonia sailed in convoy across the Atlantic to Liverpool, England, arriving on October 9, 1917 after 10 days at sea.

Correspondence written by Sam while at sea was not mailed back to the United States until after his arrival in England.  As we begin this new adventure, Following are some notes from Sam’s pocket diary regarding his long journey Over There:

This company left Camp Bartlett Sept. 24/17 at 5.30. Borded train at 6.15 to proceed to transport at Hobacon. Got under way at 5 pm 25th St S Saphonia. Arrived at Halifax Harbor 7 am Sept. 28/17. Left Halifax Harbor at 4.15 Sept 29, arrived at Liverpool and disembarked at 12 midnight Oct 9/17 and boarded train at 2 am oct 10/17. Arrived at Borden at 11 am Oct 18 and left train marching to Camp Borden, arrived at 1 pm same day. Left Camp Bordon at 9.20 on Oct 20, arrived in Southampton at 1 pm same day. (Leaving Borden with 260 counting 5 attached. 8 men going with last section. 2 men G.D. at Liverpool. 6 men left back sick..) Left Southampton at 4.30 same day. PM marched in river until 4.15 pm Oct 21 and then got underway for France. Arrived at Havre France at 3 am Oct 22, disembarked at 3 pm and hiked to Camp Hudsfield. Left Hadsfield Camp, France at 7 pm Oct 23/17 and marched to the Havre R.R. station and intrained at 10 pm and left station at 11 pm Oct 23/17. Arrived at Liffol Le Grand at 7 am Oct 25/17. Left Liffol Le Grand 11 am…


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