Sailing for Halifax, Nova Scotia 9/27/1917

Somewhere at Sea


Dear Em, and the rest of you


Im feeling fine and that is about all I think Id better say in this letter, for I want you to hear this much any way. Gee I would like to get a letter from you. Write and they will forward it Im pretty sure. As to where we are and where we are going you know as much as I do or at least dare to tell you.


Did you get the postal I sent the 25th. This is the first letter I’ve written since then and I guess you can imagine why. All the boys are happy. I wish I could say more but this is an envelope at least. I wish I could get that.


Well here is hopeing that you get this, and that I get one from you soon.


Yours truly


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  1. Dear Readers:
    The postcard Sam refers to having sent on 9/25/1917 never reached its destination at home. Unknown if it was simply lost in transit or held up by military censors.


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