On the Train to Bordon, England 10/15/1917

Somewhere in England


Dear Em.


The sun is out today, and is drying things up a little. And maybe it doesnt feel good. So do I, for Sam is as usual. Gee but I would like to get a letter from you stating that all is well with you Lena, Pa, Bert, Mary, and Aunt Mollie and Madge yes and all the rest. I suppose you have got as many letters on the way as I have. I guess the governments will do all they can to deliver them though, and here is hoping a few of them reach their destination.


Did you get the other letter I sent from London? I really havent got any news to send you, that is, news that would reach you. I figure that if this much gets to you Im lucky. Yes Im feeling fine. Not a worry in the world only about you folks at home.


This is a piece of paper I picked up on the floor of the tent and I thought as long as I had time, Id scratch a few lines home. We had a good trip on the boat up to the last two days of the voyage. I wasn’t sea sick at all which is going some what?


I wish I could wash out some cloths, but it is so damp here all the time and not knowing what minute we might move some where I dare not chance it. We are getting well treated. We get beef about every meal. Sugar is scarce but we can do with out that all right.


We sure do appreciate the warmth in the sun. All the boys express how good it feels. There is some thing I wish you would do and that is to keep that insurance policy running. I am going to allot some of my pay to you so until you begin to hear from this, please keep my policy up.


I hope you folks won’t feel the pinch of this war, and if you do, just do what they are doing here. A song that goes Smile, Smile, Smile. Im getting pretty well on to shillings “ha”pennies, half crowns and the rest of the currency now and when Im lucky enough to get some it will come in handy. As I said before Im going to make over some of my pay to you. Has the state made good yet? I hope they are.


Give my regards to all and tell them that Im still there. Tell Lil you’ve heard from me, for she might not get the letter I sent. Tell the Hollands I was asking for them.


Hoping this reaches you by at least Christmas I remain




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  1. Dear Readers:
    The song Sam refers to as Smile, Smile, Smile is actually the 1916 hit “Pack Up Your Troubles” by Murray Johnson. Please refer to the page “Music of the Times” to hear an original recording of this popular tune.


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