Hadsfield Camp, Le Havre France 10/23/1917

Somewhere in France


Dear Em,


To start with I want to say that while in London I put this sheet of paper and envelope in my pocket and it comes in handy right now believe me. I also want to say that Im many miles away from London now.


Im not going to say much but I do want to emphasise the fact that we’ve been pretty lucky and I for one am feeling fine. We are running pretty shy of smokes and if you can do any thing to get this kind of material to us you will be doing a lot for the boys.


I don’t doubt but that you’ve written often and in due time we might get some mail, but we’ve been traveling ever since we left Westfield, and that may account for us not recieving any mail as yet.


We have seen quite a few German prisiners of war and they seem to be pretty well satisfied to be where they are. We are getting closer and closer to the real thing every day, and may be by the time this reaches you we may be giving an account of ourselves. I hope that we will make good.


There is plenty of food where we are resting now, so that we are not going hungry by a long shot. I can say right here that I would like to be in that bath tub. Im not going to tell you how long it has been since I’ve had one.


I would like to get a letter from you saying you are all well. That is about all this letter consists of any way but it will let you rest well assured that Im taking very good care of myself and that I mean to continue. Im marked handle with care and Im doing all the handling.


Give my best regard to all and I remain


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