Neufchateau, France 10/28/1917

Somewhere in France


Dear Em,


Just a very few words to let you know Im alive and kicking. We are still in this little town in France and I expect we will stay here all winter. We have had just one day when the sun has shined, and even then it started to rain in the afternoon.


Im writing this in a Y.M.C.A. hut that is stuck up in one of the squares so called. I want you to understand that we are living right in the town, although not in houses but barns that ajoin all the houses.


It sure is some quaint old town. Gee I would like to get a word from home although, Im making myself as much at home as possible. That is going some for me what. About 3,000 miles from 297 B.H. St.


All it seems to do here is rain for it is now that rainy season we’ve heard so much about in France since this war started. We are not in tents though, and there is a stove in this Y.M.C.A. and it is very cosy believe me.


We are only allowed two letters a week and those to be short. I will write often though and let you know that Im keeping myself well and cheerful. I wish I could sit here now and write about a twelve page letter and I sure could find plenty to write about too but there is a reason.


How is every body? Here is hoping I hear from you soon.




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