Neufchateau, France 10/31/1917

With the Colors


Dear Em.


Ive received two letters from you now since our arrival in France and you cant imagine how good they make me feel. I won’t tell you how many I got from Lil for if I did you’d probably think Im hinting for more. Your doing fine Em, please keep it up. The two letters I got from you were dated Sept. 30, and Oct. 9. I also got a post card from the shipper over the shop. My guess is that Ill get more mail from you than you will from me because all the ships coming over here are pretty well escorted with fighting ships, but those leaving this side are not so well protected and there are more of them sunk. I hope you have been getting some of them though.


They sure are keeping you buisy from what you say in your letters. I wont to advise you not to attempt to send any candy (although it would taste good.) for it will never stand the voyage. I got you mixed up with Lil all right in regards to that package. By the way I got that package which was a swell pair of wristers, and they will come in handy too for it is getting very cold here. OH, you (Roughan’s). I got your letter that you sent to Westfield OK. Im glad you called up Lil and wish you would continue to coraspond with her. OH you Brockton Fair. Im glad you all enjoyed your selves. It brings to mind the medal I won some years back. Ive still got the medal on, a forbe that is on that watch you, Lena, and Bert gave me a year ago. I guess the Home Gaurd took our place this year. Ill change places with them right now.


I hope Mr. Holland is well again and by the way give them my regards and tell them they can expect to hear from me soon. No danger of me getting indigestion now Im telling you some thing. Give my regards to Madge, Mollie, Mary and every body and if I have time and paper Ill write to them. Tell Sadie I thank her for her regards and that a card would be welcomed. I sure would like to climb into that bed in the room you speak of fixing up.


I appreceiate the P.S. in your letter of the 6th of Oct. and you won’t be disappointed in me if I can help it. Now Ive got to close and answer the shippers letter and also send one to South Boston. How is Henry. I look at that group picture very often and it does me good I think. See that all the folks take care of their health this winter and Ill promise you that Sam will take the best of care of his.


I will make an allotment as soon as we get some blanks. Keep that Insurance policy running if you can for I wouldnt like to drop it now. Tell Pa I wish him a Merry Xmas and that I expect that he will enjoy one. Hoping to here from you by the next mail I remain.


Yours truly



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