Neufchateau, France 11/8/1917

Same place in France.


Dear Em.


Im not intending to write much for there is absolutly nothing to write about. I just got through reading some news in a paper dated a month and a six days back. It made just as good and interesting reading as if it had just left the press. After getting through with this reading I sat here for about two minutes, and this letter shows what was on my mind just as soon as there was nothing to do. They say as soon as a soldier has nothing to do, he gets home sick. Now Im not home sick but it seems that Im writing all the time to you folks or some one back home there.


Can you believe it Em, Ive got an electric light in this room now and it makes things very modern. Isn’t it going some when you get up in the morning turn a button and our little home is as radient as the State House Dome? OH we are living Em. I would like to get a loaf of bread though. Bread is very scarce here. Wood $20.00 a cord. Milk, sugar, and bread cannot be bought at all. Our bill of fare for the winter. How is the Draft heroes going to get along? Poor boys. In every paper I see here (from the States) all I can see is, “The patriotic National Army.” Banquets and entertainments by the score. Poor fellows. You’ll have my real opinion of the draft fellows pretty soon.


Ive received no mail from you for about two weeks now, but I suppose youre saying the same thing. In yesterdays lot of mail I got one postcard and that was a line from Lil stating that her brother Tom died Oct. 11th. Some bunch of mail and pleasant news too what? But I know that there is a lot of letters on the way and that it will reach here when the next mail gets in, which will be in about a week.


I can’t help thinking of the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know how handy to the oven I’ve always been especially when these two days rolled around. But we expect to make it as pleasant as possible, and I expect that will be very pleasant considering how far we are from home. You can see from this letter Em (and the rest of you) that Im as happy and contented as any one could be. Hoping this finds you all well I remain




P.S. If ever I get into that Texas Border mood youll get some letters beleive me. Give my regards to all and just slip them the info that Sam is O.O.K. The Y.M.C.A. sign means more to a soldier on this side than any thing else. Good night.


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