Neufchateau, France 11/13/1917

Same place in France.


Dear Em.


They say there is seventy two sacks of mail on the way here now, and believe me I hope some of your mail is with it for I havent received a word for over two weeks now. Ive written a letter about every night and you should be getting a batch of that now. Talk about a hungry pack of mules; well you can’t imagine how this bunch is acking for a word from home. If that mail reaches here tomorrow there sure will be some happy faces.


Im feeling fine, as usual and a letter, post card or word of any sort would just top things off in great shape. General Edwards was in town today and it meant a grand slicking up and turning out, and at that he didn’t get to our street. I thought Id freeze while we were waiting for him to inspect us. The sun came out very bright today. The second day the sun has shone all day since we left the boat.


This morning we had some real baked beans the first since leaving Westfield. So you see things are going far from bad to worse. We got some coal today for our office and it is the toughest job to get a fire going you ever saw. This noon for dinner we had two big potatoes, about two pounds of roast beef, plenty of onions two big slices of bread and a cup of coffee. By the feeling of my stumack I must have eaten too much, but I trust Ill work this off before morning.


We are getting plenty to eat now. Im afraid Im making a hog of myself if any thing. We havent got a nickel for pay yet. Can you beat it? We expect it though. This is a good habit we’ve got into, expecting. Some of the boys wont have much when they do get paid, for some of these people are doing a trusting buisiness.


Well Ill have to close now Em for I really didnt have any thing to say in the first place only to let you know that Im feeling and feeding great.




P.S. You had better send mail as follows. So that I can get it sooner.


Sgt. Samuel E. Avery

Hdq. Co. 103rd U.S. Inf. (underline infantry)

52 Brigade

26th Division


All of this and nothing more.


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