Neufchateau, France 11/22/1917



Dear Em

Your package arrived today although it was the last thing in the world I expected. There was also a package from Lil which contained three pair of heavy woolen stockings. Some Christmas day. Everything you sent was welcomely received and although the package looked as though it had come from, instead of toward the trenches, every thing was in first class condition and accounted for. Ive got the pipe going now, and it sure does tast good. You had your good sense with you also when you sent Dills. The cakes made me think of Home, now I tell you, although they were somewhat hard Perfections. Bully for you Em. OH you stuffed dates and fudge. Its all gone now and it is only an hour since I got it. It was like real water to a man in Texas. We are going to have a feed on the perserves just before bed time tonight. So much for the package for I can’t thank you enough anyway.


I got your letter dated the 19th of Oct. and it must have been the one in answer to my letter that I sent from Halifax, but they must have failed to send it to you until we landed at Liverpool. So Henry is running an elevator now ha? He must be having his ups and downs. My regards to him and Leonard. You spoke of the bungalow party in Dorchester that was to be pulled off the 29th of Oct. Did you have a good time? So Pa has a students bag to take to school with him. Here’s hoping he can go to school for years yet.


Weve got our steel helmits now and it is like wearing a closet bowl on your head. To hear them talk and kid youd think they actualy was one. The Sammies really are in the trenches Em and soon (to soon Im afraid) you folks will see some of these poor chaps back in the States badly bent after doing their bit. One of our chaps has been in the base hospital and he said the American soldiers were pouring in there some in bad shape. Don’t get nervous though Em. Just hope that Uncle Sam can send over enough weapons, money and food stuffs to make all these Germans good. Every dead German is a good one. When the “Brave” soldiers at home there leave (if they ever do) you will know that S.E.A. is up where there is a lot of noise. I dont think it is possible for this to happen until April any way. We can hear the big guns at night, and it sounds real interesting some nights beleive me.


The funniest part of this game is there is absolutly no money in it. We havent received a red cent since Aug 31, and that was almost a month before we left the Good Old U.S. If I remember rightly I left part of my Aug. pay at home there. But it is expected any day so don’t think this is a hint. Ive still got the watch, and ring and I only owe one pound ($5.00) I borrowed in England to go to London, 25 francs (5.00) I borrows while Ive been here. I don’t think that’s doing bad when I am to get $105.64 when ever they see fit to pay us for Sept. & Oct. We are starting a pay roll for Nov. now for here it is the 22nd. Dont be surprised if you get a money order or some such thing soon.


Im feeling fine. This feeling fine buisiness is getting to be a steady thing in my letters, but it is a happy habit and I only wish it continues. Your letters are addressed just right and I feel pretty sure if you continue to send them this way I will get all that the subs dont.


Give my regards to all. I was glad to hear that Tom is safe like myself. Some where. Does all the men in uniform make any difference in the looks back there. All there is in this town is women, a few old men and some kids (outside of us of coarse).


Well Em will see you all next Summer until then Im



Love to all.


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