Neufchateau, France 11/23/1917



Dear Em,


This is in answer to your letter of the 14th of Oct, which I just received this afternoon. It seems funny that Im just getting this letter, when the package you sent Oct 28, was received yesterday. This will give you an idea of the way the mail is delivered to use over here. So Al was in town for the Holiday for his candy ha? I thought that Mr Holland would be up and about by this time, but here is hoping he is, by the time this hits the old town.


Don’t work too hard in this Christmas rush. I was very glad to hear that you folks are to derive some benifit from the slip I signed for the State money. Namly the 10 dollars per month. Does Bert use that student bag when he goes to market for Pa? Im full of questions tonight ain’t I? I would like to hear you answer me. In due time I will get these questions answered, I suppose.


You mentioned in your letter of seeing in the paper of the death of Lil’s brother Tom. Well about a week ago I got a post card out of about the biggest bunch of mail that has come in. This is what it said, (Tom past away this morning, will write later.) Wasn’t this fine news for a fellow six thousand miles from home. But Ive been getting my share now (just as I did while on the Border), and it makes a bloke feel great I tell you.


Feeling great. Got the same habit you see. Gee this pipe is the darb. It was just about time for me to stop eating cigaretts, even if I am getting fat. Im not kidding Em, but if I was to pop up in front of you know Im pretty sure Id surprise you. So much for that and for this letter for tonight I guess. Im thinking of writing that sister of ours and when I close with this Im just going to show her how much I appreciate the few words she sent on the end of your letter.


There is a corporal here that can talk more and louder than any body I ever heard. You can imagine me trying to think. He will have to go some to drive my thoughts from home though so here goes for my letter to Lena.


Love to all.





Same place.


Dear Lena.


Im starting this with no idea of how much or what Im going to say; but to start with I will say that I was waiting for a word from you. And say; is Bert hand-cuffed? A word is a story you know. I will admit that Em is doing fine. As I said in Em’s letter Im feeling and looking even better than I did when I was home. Give my very best regards to Henry, Nora, and Leonard. Also to Madge, Mollie, Mary, all the cousins, all the Hollands and every body Ive got or that has any interest in me.


Im glad that Madge gets a line from Tom once in a while and I do hope that she will continue to receive good news from the kid. He is probably doing his part toward getting this mail to and from me and he is doing a good job.


Rain? Yes we have that all the time. Mud? Yes we never have any thing else. Grub? Now your talking, thanks to the Good Old U.S., for it is the U.S. Army ration that we are getting now. Pleasure? Yes a lot of it, if I don’t take your very good advice (take care of your self). Tell the truth Len Im strong for writing letters. Some are not mailed to 297.


Well Lena here is a letter. See how easy it is to scratch off a few words? Did Madge get my letter yet? I beleive I sent Mrs. Holland one, too. Also to Mollie in care of you. Besides, Jim Mellon two, Mrs. Mellon one, the shop six. Im not going to try to count how many Ive sent to 297 and 897. Well here’s hoping that Ill never lose this happy habit.


With love




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