Neufchateau, France 12/19/1917

Some where in France


Dear Em.


There was a batch of mail in yesterday and also the day before but I was a niggar on both occasions. I can’t begin to explain how a fellow feels when this kind of a dissapointment is experienced by him although I believe I have spoken of it in my very numerous letters home. It must be the mail, although I don’t see why they should keep me in exile as long as this.


Outside of this Im feeling fine. The weather is very cold here now. About an inch of snow on the ground and it hasen’t thawed a particle in the last two days. With these hob nailed shoes on and the roads and streets a mass of ice (for continual traffic by auto, motor cycle, and men over such make this so) it is very hard to walk along with out paying a lot of pains and keep from falling down.


The hardest kind of drill, with long hours of such, keep the men in very good condition. This company has the least number of men on the sick book every morning (4 yesterday, seven today) and it has forty four more men in it than any other company. A letter company is composed of 250 and Hdq. Co. has 294. I get out to drill when I can, and believe me you’ve got to keep moving or freeze thats all. Right now Im reminded of that kitchen there, for Im sitting next to a warm stove and the window that the room condains looks out onto a street as bleak and winterish as the Mistic with a real N.E. by E. raging.


Well Em I hope there is some mail on the way. I want to tell you right here that I saw this piece of paper on the desk and thought Id like to send it home. Here it is, now you send a receipt for it, and I will go you one better by acknowledging same. I never felt better in my life send us the same news will you.




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