Neufchateau, France 12/4/1917

Same place


Dear Em


How is every body? I would like to get a letter of some sort but I know it isn’t your fault that Ive not received a word from anyone for over two weeks. I know there is a lot of mail for me some where between here and the U.S. but Im wishing it would arrivee. Im going to say right here that Im not in the writing mood tonight but Im going to scratch this one off and let you know that as usual (All’s well with Sam).


Its pretty cold here now after a little snow we had last night. It looks some winterish here now. Id like to see old wintery Boston when I pull out at six fifteen for reville in the morning. Its black as pitch but up and out we get so as to get as much out of the day as is possible for this time of year. The worst of it is there is absolutly no news and absolutly less to write about. You see I really should stop now but Im going to fill up this paper for paper is so scarce here that it would be a crime to waste this much. Put me down right now as comiting a crime.


Has Emma written to Mr. Davis yet. Get after her and tell her she’d better. Hows Roughan’s, Winter Hill, Castle Sq., Liggett’s, Madge’s and Life in general. Still getting fat, can you imagine it. Tell Bert to slip us a line after he gets through counting up those nickels and checking up those checks.


Love to all




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Neufchateau, France 12/1/1917

Same place in France


Dear Em


Just a very few words tonight to let you all know that all is well here with me. I enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day we just had here as well as could be expected and then some. Here is hoping that you folks enjoyed it doubly more than could be expected. There was a few times that day that I sure did wish I was there in Charlestown with you. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, much cranberry sauce and coffee. I give Uncle Sam credit. It was the best he could do and I thought it was quite enough.


I can’t make myself beleive that it is so near Christmas and me not home. But we are going to make the best of this life until something is settled one way or another. We’ve received no mail for at least two weeks and you’re probably in the same boat. How are the poor draft fellows? I suppose they had a tough holiday of it.


I got pretty chilly last night and was real snappy today. We have run all out of ink and this letter written in pencil is the result. As usual Im feeling good in fact very good and not getting a bit skinny over it. A large shipment of mail is due here tomorrow and Ive got great expectations of getting a lot of news from home. Here is hoping it is good news.


There are quite a few of us tin soldiers over here now a great deal more than was to be expected. And still coming. I wish there was something to say so that I could write a letter but all I can do is wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Im going to enjoy myself if it is possible. Give my regards to all.


With love.




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