Neufchateau, France 1/4/1918

Same Place


Dear Em.


Six letters received today and beleive me it is going to be some job to answer them all in due time, and, as they should be answered, for with the very limited time we are getting now (and the limited time is sure getting to be the limit) there is very little time to think of home let alone write. Now Im not going to say any more about the time for there is so little time to talk about that Id use it all up and I wouldn’t have any more of it to use on what I have to say (Time).


Well Em lets go. Got two letters from you dated Dec. 5 and Dec. 10, two from Southy dated Dec. 5 and Dec. 10 one from Henry (which I will answer next) dated Dec. 10, and one from the Boss dated Dec. 10. How is that for time. You can imagine what a day this was for me, and then you will not realize how much I appreciate this mail. Its like the old saying “When my ship comes in,” and all we want off that ship is what mail is consigned to us. Its a great life after all when you get a letter from home, and answer it by saying “Im feeling great.”


In your letter of Dec. 5th you said it was just a week since you heard from me, but that you new it was not my fault. Im writing all the time Em (that is when I get a chance). I don’t mind waiting for mail at all, for we’ve got to wait until the mail gets in any way. But when the mail gets in and I find no letter from you; Well Im wanting the war to stop right there thats all. Yes Em mail day is a Christmas day here and thats one good thing about France. We get a Christmas about once every three weeks.


So Al was asking for me. Tell him the next time he happens to drop in (of coarse Im liable to see him myself first who knows) that Im wishing him many more long enjoyable trips. I never will fully express the pleasure experienced by my reading the letter Henry wrote me, for, (well it was great thats all). You spoke about missing him when he goes home. Well Em, don’t let him and Leonard go home, and you’ve got the whole thing solved. Am very pleased to hear that Nora is getting along all right and I hope that this will find you ready to say she is O.K.


Good luck to the Home Gaurd Em, and let me tell you right here, give them credit. They are doing their bit in the same spirit that the tin soldiers are doing theirs. Right here I want to say Em that as usual Mass. in her Militia has them all stopped again. Will tell you about it when I see you. Can’t tell you in this form. I can picture Henry and Pa chewing it out, pipe and fag. Say Em talk about being cold, will tell you about it when I see you.


I havent received your second box, if such was sent, or as Pa would say if it wasnt sent. By your letter of the 10th Dec. I take it you and Leonard have some pleasant sessions. Am sending a cap such as we are wearing now. Ive been wearing it all day, so tell him it is one his Uncle wore in France. The one I wear is blue and the #s 103 on the left hand flap. May have it made a duplicate of my own, will tell you later. Tom is a lucky kid if he can get home within a year. Nuf ced. I know you will be disappointed in the brief letters I will be compelled to write from now on, but beleive me Em it isn’t because I don’t want to say more, or because I have nothing to say.


It is now twelve oclock and a letter to Henry before I turn in. Never weakening a bit Em. As luck would have it we’ve got a fire here tonight, and a streak of luck has got to be taken advantage of. Now don’t be disappointed Em if you don’t get another letter as long as this although I will promise to write often to keep you posted on my condition. I say good night with love to all




P.S. Henry will have to wait until tomorrow. A healthy man gets sleepy.



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