Neufchateau, France 1/8/1918

Same Place


Dear Em and the rest.


Just a line to let you know that I continue to enjoy perfect health and expect to hear the same of you very soon. Received that package that I spoke of that was sent by a sister of one of the boys at the shop. It contained Lucky Strikes, Perfections and some very choice chocolate all of which was very acceptable, not only by my self but by the rest of the crew. I sent a letter thanking her for sending it in answer to her letter stating it was on the way. Now I got to write another, saying I got the package, not that Im crazy to write, (for I sure get enough of this) but I want to show my appreciation for all that is done for us thereby making it posible, probably, to get a package to some one else, who is not quite as fortunate as I in getting packages and letters from home.


I hope Lena, Bert, Henry, and your self have by this time received my answer to the letters sent by those named, and I hope that they (letters) will please them at least one one hundreth as much as I enjoyed theirs. In my previous letters I think I spoke of a great thaw that was making things very disagreeable here but yesterday it blew up cold again and this morning on piling out for reville I was met with an inch of snow which I will have to admit made surroundings more pleasant to the eye but with a realization that conditions even more disagreeable in the future would be the result.


Took a bath today Em, Yes and changed every stitch on me even to a waist belt and hankerchief. But! I didn’t take as much time doing it as I would in “In Door Sports.” Never mind Em Im clean, and this is some thing I couldn’t boast of in a great deal of my other letters. You all ways used to say “Talk of good things.” Well Em this is what I surtainly am doing now. There are a lot of good things in the world, and Im telling you right now, a wash is pretty handy to the top of the list.


There are three of us here at this little table, writing by the aid of this poor little lantern, all with one thing on our minds which is, “I wonder how the old folks are at home.” I forgot to tell you that where we are now we have no electric lights as we did in our other shack, but then there is no place like home. It is snowing again and I suppose by morning there will be two or three more inches added to the three or four that is now on the ground. I dont know as it makes much difference any way for if it isnt snow its just as much mud. Gee it is going to be great here in the spring.


Have you heard from Tom latly. The last time you mentioned him you spoke of there being a posibility of him getting a furlough round Christmas. I hope he got it but in the same breath I envy him if he did. Tell Madge and the whole bunch that although letters from me are not as numerous as they should be, that if Sam had the time he sure would put it to good advantage and send them all at least a line. At the Border this was far from the case, but now we are in an altogether different buisiness than letter writing, there for keeping our minds from drifting to better things.


After finishing this letter we’ve got to scout up some wood for morning. Not go down the cellar to chop it mind you but scout it. Well Em I hope this finds every body well, and as I said in the beginning, to hear soon that this is the case. Give my regards to Sadie and the rest with the assurance that I do send my regards and best wishes. How is Lillian Studley, Little Mary, Old George, Napolean, the cop across the street, Magie, the Kids and Roughan’s; Answer these questions and I remain




P.S. I suppose you think Im pretty fussy by addressing my letters on the typewriter. Now the typewriter is here and it makes said address plain so you can get it. Has the basket of cloths gone down yet? Im lonesome for my job. Do you think I need a hair cut. Good night.


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