Neufchateau, France 1/12/1918

Same Place


Dear Em.


Although not a member of the British Expeditionary Forces we are in a way with them on one big job. That is why I can take the liberty to use this paper. This paper proposition is a tough one and we’ve got to use what ever paper we can get our hands on. Just think of using this kind of paper (letter paper) for company work; and this is the case. Have had a slight cold due to wet feet, and out side of a cough that at times makes it very disagreeable Im feeling O.K. now.


It looks very much like more snow for a change. It has only rained and snow steadily now for at least a week. Out side of this (weather) as Bert says there is very little to talk about. I just had a little time this afternoon and thought Id use it up along with this paper. Im looking for a letter from you any day now and it is only a question when the boat gets in when your mail (and Im sure there is some on the way) gets here.


As a whole all the boys are in very good condition with the exception of coughs and colds which amounts to practically nothing, considering the kind of weather we are having and the life this is. I suppose you are all well at home there, hope so any way. How the days weeks, yes even months are rolling by. Of coarse this is a very small percentage of the time we are to stay here in France, and are making up our minds to Pray for the Best and Prepare for the Test. My regards to all




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