Neufchateau, France 1/15/1918

Same Place.


Dear Em.


Being a very dull day in these parts I thought Id break up as much of it as I could by sending a few lines to you. I realize of coarse that you wont get any of these last few letters that I have written to you unless they are all in a bunch, but I know that another little one wont do you any harm. I also realize that you must have more time to write than I have so don’t let me get ahead of you: Get me? Haven’t received any mail from any one now for at least two weeks, so you see Im looking forward to big things.


Gee but it does rain here today and with what snow there is on the ground makes it very hard for one to hold his feet (to the ground I mean) with these hob nailed shoes. It is one glare of ice (in the words of a Charlestowner). Ive got this stove going pretty good now and although Ive been out in the rain and my feet are wet Im getting pretty comfortable now. Of coarse I can not say how long this comfortable buisiness will last and there is no use wishing for the best, for Im not kicking either way. Work and drill goes on the same as usual, except for today, there being only two platoons out on account of the torrents of rain that is pouring down today. Im a member of the “In” crowd today, and if you was here you wouldnt blame me.


Had quite a sing at the Y.M.C.A. last night. This was only the second time Ive been there since hitting this town. To much can not be said for the good work the Y.M. is doing. It is simply wonderful how they reach the men and make life pleasant for them. As for me Im just the same as ever, Great. Most of the boys are feeling great also, and as most of the winter is over now I guess their health will improve if anything.


The watch keeps good time, and it is up to me to run the time for calls for the company and this Waltham is always on the job. The chain does very good work by holding the watch somewhere in the vicinity of the pants when I take them off at night, and especially when I grab them quick in the morning with only about three seconds to spare. I hope to carry this watch and chain right back to the Dear Old U.S. with me. Its not going to be my fault if this doesn’t happen anyway.


Well Em this is all. I just thought Id drop you a line any way, never intending when I started to write much. So over the pond goes this letter, and hoping for many in return. My regards to all





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