Neufchateau, France 1/28/1918

Some where in France


Dear Em


"The Pipe" by Baldridge, 1918

I just penned you a letter last night, but on getting the Christmas package you folks sent, Im just going to try and thank you all (if this is possible). That Bull is sure going to come in handy the next month or so, and I hope I will have the pleasure of enjoying it all. Ive still got the pipe so, that Dills will also come in handy (the other package being gone). The cake did take the cake. It is the darb. Razor blades, great. And tooth brush paste, screw driver yes so every thing was greatly appreciated. Here I am thanking you when I really dont know how. The shaving soap was just what I wanted, for it is very scarce here.


Was glad to here that you are all well and servived the cold snap all right. Those cards you sent made me very home sick, and it was more the cause for this letter going tome tonight than any other. I am well as usual. Ive got to answer Madges and Berts letter yet but I hope they wont be disappointed if this is put off some time yet. Also the package from the boss. Gee but its great to have some friends when your not in your Home town.


I just insured my self for 10,000 so if any thing happens you will be able to buy some sugar. As for the rest of my pay Em, Im not throwing it away dont worry. Im saving more than you can imagine, and again if any thing happens you will all get the benifit of it. If you folk really nead some let me know and you will get it toot sweet. As I have said before Im glad to know you area all well and hope you remain so. I know Im do for a call for this letter but if you knew the conditions at present you would excuse me.


Regards to all




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