Somewhere near Vaudesson, 2/11/1918

Some where In, In France


Dear Em.


Although Im writing this in pen and ink, and on some real letter paper we are in. We have been in now for two days and Im getting pretty well used to this part of the ground. I will have to admit that it has been some time since I have written to you, and also since Ive heard from any one back there, but that is due to our movement which was some movement beleive me. As usual Im feeling well considering. You will have to consider trenches to get an Idea of what it means for me to say Im well. The boys are all standing up under it O.K. The Bosh has felt Uncle Sam more than you folks at home probably know of. And beleive me they are going to get more.


The 103rd Regiment was the first Infantry N.G. organization to enter the trenches and of corse that means that this company and our dear old Capt Tobey was the very first of infantry to see the (well what is called no mans land). Now I dont want you to think Im trying to throw a lot of bull, but I do want you to know that all is well. As I said in my letters to you before we left for these parts, Im not going to write much. Just let them all know how things stand and also tell them not to expect any mail for some time to come yet. If you could see me penning this you wouldn’t stay long to know what Im going to say. You’de be satisfied to wait for the mail. I hope they get your mail up to me soon for I know it will make things lighter. The ink that is in this pen now is the last Ill see for some time and I may have to finish in pencil (just as I thought).


I wish it was fitting and wise to explain some of the real things Ive seen since landing on this front but as usual, Id rather the letter got to you than take a chance. Give my best wishes and regards to every body. The watch says 3.21 now and night will come soon enough. Ive still got the pipe and some of that Dills that you people sent me and a few cigaretts which is fine right now.


This paper is very very damp now but I guess Im drying it up pretty well with this line of chatter. Its pretty dry now, isnt it? As soon as we get off this sector (if they feel like moving it) Ill tell you more. Having said all I can for the present Ill close





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