Somewhere near Vaudesson, 2/23/1918

[Continuation of letter started 2/22/18…]


Feb. 23, 1918


This is Feb. 23 Em, for I was so sleepy last night I just had to quit and I thought Id grab off some sleep while it was in order. This morning broke damp and very chilly and I awoke the same way. All it is in the morning is pull on a pair of shoes, wrap on a pair of puttees and put on your coat and your ready for the day. I havent had any thing more than my shoes and blouse off since starting for this place and we have been here ten or eleven days now. Ive got to get to work on my reports now (even in the trenches there are quite a few of these). It has been pretty easy to date though for Hdq. Co. hasnt had a man wounded yet. One fellow got hit in the arm with a waisted peice of shrapnel and take it from me was lucky to get out of it as he did.


Colds are the draw back here and they are some colds too. Im not perfect in this respect, for I have a cough but it is very mild in comparison to some of these other chaps. As for cooties Em, now your talking about the family. What a loss it would be were we to lose these friends. You see the cooties and I play a kidding game. I kid myself into thinking I havent got them, and they in turn kid me into thinking I havent got them and at night we have a showdown and find that we are both wrong. We keep each other on the go all the time. There are more than I can handle some times, but wait until I get a bath.




P.S. Give my regards to all and tell Aunt Madge Ill write if I find time. Send my regards to Tom if you can. You havent mentioned anything of Mary or Leonard latly.



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