Somewhere near Vaudesson, 2/25/1918

Same place


Dear Em


This is only going to consist of a few lines, to let you know that Im still well and in receipt of your letter of Jan 13/18 also one from Mary of the same date. Every one of your letters tell of cold weather and it seems I ducked something this winter even if I am and have been so far away from civilization so long. Im glad you ducked the blizzard although the rain storm you spoke of must have been pretty near as bad. That stunt of Mary’s was a funny one, but how in the world did she get up. Im glad Bert’s cold is improving and hope that it will continue to do so.


We heard of a ship being sunk before we left our station for the front but it was reported that no mail was on same and as far as I was conserned there wasn’t for I have received mail regularly latly, surly my share. This paper is just like your hair after you’ve washed it, for it is so wet that I can do “nothing with it.” Lucky to have it though beleive me. You said that you hadn’t received any mail from me for some time, but I suppose your letter was no sooner on the way than my mail came in, “How about it?” I’ve got to answer Little Mary’s letter soon.


Nothing has happened that would interest you, but we can never tell when a final show down will come. They are talking peace, by all reports but Russia is a fair sample of “Peace Talk.” America has a big job on its hands Em, and it gets larger every minute. There are a lot of little interesting occurances that happen here day and night and some day I hope I can relate them to you. Until then my courage is good my health is the best and my thoughts will always be at Home.


Hoping that this letter finds you as all my letters seem to.


Sgt. Samuel E. Avery, Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.



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