Somewhere near Vaudesson, 3/1/1918



Dear Em


From Feb. 22, 1918 Edition

Just a few words to let you know Im fine and in receipt of your letter dated Jan. 17/18. Although I got one dated the 31st three days ago, I enjoyed the one you sent two weeks before. Im sending a copy of the “Stars & Stripes” in which you will get all the news as straight as any A.E.F. could hand it to you. I think the very last thing I put in my old kit bag was a few of these postals, and beleive me they will come in handy for a while. Rain seems to be the order of the day (every day) latly and things will be some what weter I expect, (although they’ve been pretty wet as it was).


I wrote Mrs. Holland a letter last night and it will probably be with this when it ends its long journey. Ive got no news what ever only to repeat that Im tip top in health spirit and otherwise. In your letter of Jan 17, you said that you would like to have a letter not having received one for two weeks. Well by this time you have no doubt received one or two any way, if not you should have for I have written oftener than I thought I would be able to. Im glad Emma is in touch with her baby and tell her that I was asking for her as well as the rest of the bunch.


When you think of me and the trenches just say “OH there are a hundred million others.” Had some lively little time here last night but here I am writing to you yet. That is a point in itself Id ought to be thankful of. Get over that cold now Em and dont get another one. My feet are as big my legs are as thin and my nose is as long as ever so I should worry. Be it ever so funny looking there is no carcus as healthy as mine. Regards to Pa, Lena, Bert, Henry, the aunts, the Hollands and the Bunch.


Bon Jour



P.S. If I could think of more Id write.



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