Somewhere near Vaudesson, 3/3/1918

Still here


Dear Em.


As this is all the paper Ive got at my command, and in receipt of your long letter dated Feb 5, I am only going to write a short note in answer to your letter, for I don’t have much time just now. We are beginning to get some more winter for it has snowed now for two days and the atmospher is very much colder than it has been since our entrance into this sector. I also got a letter from Lena which I will answer as soon as posible, one from a chap at the shop and one from Southy.


Your discription of the folks, and their doings there at home, makes me feel almost that I was there, and beleive me, not, that I was here. How am I feeling, and how is that awful cold you and Lena seem to be worrying about? Say kid I never felt better in my life, and don’t see how I ever can unless its when I jump on a car at either Sullivan Sq. or City Sq. (Im planning now which it will be) and that old car (I wonder if it will be in the summer time and they will have open affairs) and said car starts to climb that hill. Over the hill to Lena’s. My Lena’s.


My cold is gone, with it our first real test of shell fire, and the idea that we wont be back soon. A few of the boys in the company will never go home as the result of this but we’re wise or getting more so. I don’t know how long we are to stay here before getting a leave that they say is due us after our first hitch but it will be welcome when it does come. I never thought that Ingersol would remind you of me but I can say that this watch reminds me of you, Lena and Bert every time Im asked what time it is or when I use it for my own information.


Now Em isnt this an awful letter to send you after the nice long one you sent me. But I only sent you one yesterday and I got to answer Lena’s. Besides if you really knew conditions here you would excuse me I know.


With love to all



Sgt. S.E. Avery Hdq Co 103rd Inf A.E.F.


P.S. The clipping (about the funeral of the old fellow I used to work for on Main St.) will show that I read what papers we get.



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  1. Dear Readers:
    Please refer to the page “Sam’s References Explained” for an entry referencing “Ingersol.”


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