Somewhere near Vaudesson, 3/14/1918

Dear Em


Just received your letter dated Feb. 18 and will say that you are a champ. I just sent a letter to Mary and used my last peice of writing paper on it. I thought when I started that I would write enough to cover the whole sheet but when I got started on it I really couldn’t. Conditions are such now that you can’t put your mind only on sertain things. I addressed the letter to you and it will probably get there with this one.


As I have told you before, everything is either wet or damp here, but Ill call it damp, for it never gets any drier no matter what you call it. Ive got a few of these envelopes in my kit that are useless on account of the said dampness, sticking the flap down. Thus the envelopes for a letter. This old pen and I have some fine arguments too I tell you. Don’t I have my worries?


Im answering your letter now for we may get a sudden move and I wouldn’t have a chance to then. By the way Em, if you don’t hear from me for a while now don’t get nervous for there may be a good reason. Ive got to start envelope #2 now. Getting back to your letter, you said that you got a letter from me dated Jan 28, and I think thats doing pretty well for the mail service. As for the few moments to spare Em, a fellow always has this and to what better advantage could he use them than writing home. Especially when he is repaid as I am by such letters from you.


It has been very quiet on this front for two days now, but the Lord only knows what this means, or what Old Fritz is up to. We are ready for any thing though and if any thing, the boys would just as leave have something start as the way it is now. Tom must be in a position that makes it imposible to write or Im quit sure he would do so. Im very glad to know that Madge is well again and I hope she will enjoy her self now. It was kind of tough that you couldn’t attend that party, and I bet you was awfully (put out.) As you say Em on our party but we’ve got a long time to prepare for it don’t you think? Say Em in your next tell me if the State still comes across with the ten. Lena takes the right stand in this game and I wish that every body else would do the same. In that way those at the front will be doing nothing more than those at home, for all that anyone can do is their best.


As for those stairs, I sure do hear them calling me and I hope to answer their call some time. As usual (or rather the same old story Im well.) We are still in the front line trenches, and outside of being dirty, ragged, and some what lighter, those of us that have not been knocked off or wounded are as cheerful as the day we stepped into them. We are wiser though, for experience is a good teacher.


I don’t know as Ive got much more to say Em so Im thinking of closing on this side of this envelope. Again I say, the box you folks sent is the darb. When you get this we will, (by all rules of the game be out here,) and I don’t know as Ill kick much if we are. Was back to the base yesterday (and some walk too) and while there a few of the band men and yours truly had a little harmony. Say Em it was good, no kidding. When I get that baton in my mits again with that band behind me (OO La La). Music, when have I heard that word? While in this mood it is a good time wind up and say so with love to all I remain




Sgt. S.E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.


P.S. If you will notice Em this letter is inclosed in an envelope that is warped on account of the dampness.



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