Somewhere near Vaudesson, 3/17/1918

Dear Em,


St. Patrick’s day, (if Im not mistaken,) and a pretty good day over here at that, as far as the weather is conserned. How is South Boston? I suppose she is dressed up like a chap on leave. Do you remember when I used to get the afternoon off, hurry home, get into a uniform and hit out for the Armory to take part in its celibration? OO La La. Those were happy days. Parading days, the last one, when I marched as a member of Co. K 8th Mass. N.G. in our farewell to Boston. Some what different today, lined up against a nation that has been at it for close to four years.


Although still in the trenches the fellows all seem to remember different experiences that they have had on this day and to hear some of them talk of them is not only funny but a pleasant reminder. So much for St Patrick, only I wish he was in Germany and if so I think it would be almost wholly depopulated.


I know I won’t get any mail from you for quite a while now and you will have to rest content on receipt of the same dose I think. I will write as often as I can but this will probably be useless for I will not be able to mail what letters I do write. I cannot tell you in this, why this condition will exist for the movement of troops mentioned in a letter is far from common sence.


The boys are all in good health including myself the last named more so if anything. The boshe have been feeding us up with gas latly but up to this writing no one in this company has suffered from its effects. Gas alert is very much the rule now, and very often they are worn. I class the one that I now rest my chin on, my best friend as well as does every other man on this front. One thing can be said though and that is for every gas shell that Fritz sends over the Allies give them three.


I suppose you’re wondering why Im writing in pencil. Well I had a fight with the pen and Im sorry to say I got the best of it. You know what I am when I get my mad up. As usual I spilled the soup and ruined the scenery about me, just as I would the table cloth. How about it Lena? I don’t suppose I should speak of this table cloth racket but we might as well think of things we long to see again. Im bitting my little finger nail too as I write. You see Em Im just Sammie in France that’s all. I wish I could dig up something to write about but you see my mind is very much at home tonight, and you know I never write when at home. Or say an awful lot either.


One of the boys got a letter from a friend of his in Charlestown who says that at night there are very few fellows out and that everything is dead. Id never know the old town now I guess judging from this. I hope for the sake of others that your laughing days are over as far as the kids coasting is conserned, but that those same kids will hold their anual and enormous May Parties to amuse you. Say Em I think the funniest sights I ever witnessed was a May Party up by the house. I suppose they will be at it soon and here is hoping that they will enjoy them selves more this year than any previous. If I was there I wouldnt miss them. I think Id rather see them than Napolean when said gent was running.


Well Em the cooties are neither calling or sending be to bed. The rats are neither lonesome nor crouded, the Boshe is neither noisey or sleeping, the blanket neither wants me nor leaves me, and a lot more neithers or eithers but Sam is going to flop, pull said blanket over me and pound my ear. I hope it is only one ear too because a fellow looses valuable time turning over. Yes Em (after sharpening this pencil for the final thrust) Im going to have a good sleep tonight for I have both the time, place, inclination and ability.


We had a good stew tonight for supper, with three slices of bread, and a cup of coffee. You see Em we are very well fixed, and with all our troubles packed away in our old kit bags we smile smile smile. Call me at quarter of seven in the morning for I nead a shave.


Good night all with love



Sgt. S.E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.



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