First Relief From The Line, 3/19/1918

The 103rd Infantry was relieved from its section of the Aisne line and marched to the rear where they finally had the chance to bathe and change their lice-infested clothing. They continued by train and on the march to the Southeast, joining the rest of the 26th Division reassembled at Bar-sur-Aube. What would follow was a long 4-day march to Reynel during which the entire Division gained valuable experience in the logisitics of movement and supply. Following are notes from Sam’s Pocket Diary:

Company left Rgt. P.C. (Point A) at 8 oclock pm Mar 19/18 marched to Busy de Long arriving at 12.15 pm. Men got washed and donned clean cloths and left Busy de Long at 10 pm 3/20 marching to Abbie Fontenol station at 2 am 21st arrived intrained and left at 8 am 21st arrived at Chatillon Sur-Marne (Point B) at 8 am 22nd. Detrained and left Sotillon Sur Marne at 9 am marching to Blasse (Point C) arriving at 6 pm 23.


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  1. Nicely done with the Google Map. — wg

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