Into the Toul Sector, 3/30/1918

Dear Folks.


We have just arrived  back to our training base but we are off again to some place up front there. It is a very hurried movement but I have grabbed off this much time to write so that you will know that I came out of the other mixe O.K. and Im as well as ever.


Saw some of the Boston Papers and will say that the 26th division is there. Tell them all you have heard from me for this is the only letter Ive got time to write or will have time to write for the Lord only knows when. There is a lot to tell about but that dosent mean that there is a lot to write about. After this second trip up we will probably have a little time to spend. The weather is getting very bad now, but then it seems every time we move any where this is the case.


Got your letters dated Mar. 2 and 5 yesterday which was the day we arrived. I am sorry I have no time to answer them for we are off again after just coming out. Will write the first chance I get. Now Ive got to get on the jump, so good bye.


With love best wishes and regards to all



Sgt. S.E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.



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