Somewhere near Menil-la-Tour, 4/6/1918

Dear Em.


It sure is about time I wrote to you and it is going to be somewhat bad news that this letter will contain. I am a private and the reason I will give is that it was through no fault of my own. Captain Tobey is no longer in command of this company.


I am very well though Em, and doing my best as a soldier. Of coarse the loss of my rating stung me quite hard, but then, it is only part of this game. As it is bad policy to say much in this line, I will ring off and we will all have to consider it a common occurance.


We have been on the move of late and are now in a little town behind the lines. We are getting some wet weather now and, as usual when this is the case, every one is feeling muddy. Ive received all your mail up to March 8 and there must be some more pretty handy. This is the first time Ive had a chance to write you and now that I have got time I feel that Ive said enough in informing you of my come down. I used to think I liked this game and Ive far from changed my mind in this respect yet, but it does seem an awful long climb to get up of late. I havent weakened one bit, don’t you worry, for there is a lesson in every defeat you know.


My reduction came about a week ago, and after this letter is sent the most worry some thing on my mind will be over. Mind you, I havent delayed writing because of this, for I feel confident that Sam is there and will show it before this war is over. I know you folks will be disappointed in this news but you cant be any more so than I have been. Have been understand for it is a thing of the past now, and there is no such thing as disappointment ahead for me. If there is, it must be far beyond the sky line for my head is up and my eyes are dead ahead and I can see nothing but advantages. Cases like mine are happening every day over here, although this fact made it far from being easier to swallow.


I hope that this letter finds you all well and enjoying some pleasant weather now. Give my regards to all and tell them that although I am minus my ribbons, Ive got the same health and an even more determination to get back what Ive lost and then some.


Your loving brother



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.


P.S. This letter reminds me of that old song “Just break the news to Mother.” Tee hee.



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