Somewhere near Gironville, 4/30/1918

Dear Em


Got your letter of April 1, yesterday (the one in which you mentioned receiving the Stars & Stripes) and I guess it was about time you got it. A carton of Perfections was very welcomly received by me also and beleive me they didnt last long for a ready made cigarette to us right here is a gold mine. You bet your life we should be satisfied with first class mail and I wont mind it until they start to cut down on this.


Glad to hear you say that you will continue to write regardless of how much you hear from me. I am very well, and was glad to know that you are all about the same back there. I suppose you’re getting used to that hour change by this time, and make very good use of it.


We are still where we was after leaving the last place and where we will be until we leave for the next. You see the responsible information we are intrusted with keeps us from getting a head ack. It continues dark and rainy but it is much warmer. The latest news in the papers does not effect us. Liable to hear from us soon. In closing I want to assure you that where ever I am I will remain the same




Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf American Ex. Forces



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