Somewhere near Gironville, 5/5/1918

Dear Em.


Received your letter of April 11, last night and was very glad to hear that every thing is O.K. there with you folks. Im just the same as usual and will go farther by saying that we are at (present) enjoying perfect, sunny weather. It sure is great hear when the sun is shining and it is appreciated more so for the reason that we’ve seen so little of it latly. Although we occupy a sector of the front yet, the trees here are now in full bloom and the feilds are very pretty. Birds fly back and forth singing and twittering as tho there was no such thing as conflict and strife right in the very air they fly through.


Yes we are enjoying Spring just as you folks must be enjoying it now, and I know you will agree with me when I say “Its Great.” It has been very quiet here for the last two or three days, and today you would think that peace had been declared or that they had ceased hostilities for the Sabbath.


OH joy Em! Cant you see why my mind turns to Spring, birds, green fields, apple blossoms, sun shine and bumble bees tee hee. I suppose the children are having their May Parties and enjoying themselves now. Any way, rest assured that Im enjoying life “over here” and we haven’t had as much as one days leave since hitting France either. We’ve been at the front or on the road ever since Feb. 5 and I guess it is about as good a place as any – (in France).


That drive for the Liberty Loan must be making things very interesting, especially the Tank you speak of, and the airships. From all accounts every one is taking hold in the real American Spirit, which is very incouraging to us. Altho we get white bread with every meal, I would like to get ahold of some of Lena’s several varieties.


Glad to know you are getting along so well at Plant’s, and that you like it so well. When you speak of Pa and his pipe, it reminds me that I have many a pleasant smoke from the first one you sent which I think was around Christmas. I suppose the Beach will soon be in full swing, and that you Zella Sadie and the rest will soon be enjoying what there is down there to enjoy this Summer. As for me Em, well I think I will have a steady job over hear.


Well Em I know you will be disappointed in this letter as to its length and the news that it contains, but it is the best I can do. Saw Emma’s husband the other day and he is looking good. He said he hadn’t heard from home for quite a while and was surprized when I told him the date of my last letter. It took your last letter just 23 days to reach me which is going some considering where I am. Keep it up, also give my regards to all.





Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf, A.E.F.



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