Somewhere near Royaumeix, 5/29/1918

Dear Em.


Your letter of April 30 just received and I must say that it sure does contain some encouragement. Although you say you have written others, this one of April 30 is the latest one since the 21st that Ive received to date. Im not going to go into any details as to my present status, but beleive me Em Im going to come back just as you say, Im going to.


We are still on the same front from which my other letters were written only a little farther along. Say Em this part of France is pretty, and right here I want to take back some of the harsh things Ive said about France and her climate. As usual Ive received quite a lot of mail this trip, and of coarse that means the most of my spare time taken up for the next two or three days.


To answer you in regard to Capt. Tobey. After an absense of seven weeks he is again with the regiment but not as yet in command of his company. No Em, again I will say it was no fault of mine that brought on the change. You probably will want to know just what I am doing now. Well Em our regiment just at present is not in the line but not far from it, nor will it be long before we are in again. We are enjoying the little rest very much though, and already feel that we can again take our place. Im as fat as ever and I bet I weigh between 60-70 lbs. can you O.O. me. I wish you could get a glimse at me now. Of coarse we dont know when we will go in but Im going to have some beef to lose.


Now Em Im going to give you some news. Last night we had the pleasure (and pleasure it was Em) to see a real American woman, hear real American singing, and some real American jokes, and from a real American actress Elsie Janis. Say Em it was great, and I don’t believe I ever appreciated a star as I did her the few minutes she had to spare. She told some jokes which were good, sang, danced, lead the band, and invited any private to get up on the platforme and dance the fox trot with her. (I was in the back row). She sang a song “Over Here” with the same tune to “Over There” you’ve probably heard it. “I dont want to get well.” Well any way she was the “darb” and her stunts over here will never be forgotten by the real trench dogs. She has pulled the string that sent one of our largest shells over to the Boshe and is having many narrow escapes in the work she is doing.


"Show at the YMCA" by C. Leroy Baldridge, 1918

Am sorry to hear they have stopped the $10. and we can thank politics for that. It was one of the inducements for the boys to inlist. I was glad though to hear that you are all well. Do you remember, of my speaking of getting a package from a sister to one of the boys at the shop. I just got a letter from her stating that she had already left for over here as a red cross nurse. Im not looking for a blighty but if this is the case that song may apply to me.


This is not much of a letter but it lets you know that Im still on my feet and feeling fine. I purchased a pretty good tooth brush at the Y.M.C.A. yesterday and now I am tip top again. Ive got to answer letters received from, two fellows at the shop that were “just globbed”, the shipper, Miss Freat the nurse and S.B. When this is all done Ill feel as though I did my bit of writing. In closing I want to assure you that Im the same Sam. Hoping to get your other letters


Love to all



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces



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  1. Dear Readers:
    Please refer to the page “Sam’s References Explained” for an entry on Elsie Janis.


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