Battle of Xivray-et-Marvoisin, 6/16/1918

On the morning of June 16, the 103rd Infantry was attacked in force by German infantry while holding the sub-sector of Xivray-et-Marvoisin, Bouconville and Rambucourt very close to the enemy lines. The attack began with a concentrated artillery bombardment followed by infantry assaults on three sides (north, east and west). The 103rd repulsed the German attacks at a cost of 28 killed, 167 wounded and 47 gassed. The Germans withdrew leaving more than 60 dead, 10 prisoners and equipment including machine guns and flame throwers. Heavy German shelling continued throughout the sector for the next four days, eventually forcing evacuation of the 26th Division HQ from Boucq to Trondes a mile further to the rear…


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