Somewhere near Raulecourt, 6/18/1918

Dear Em,


Here I am again and, how do you do. As for me, Im great (as if this was any news). Its better news than none though Em and as I havent received any mail from you since (the last letter I suppose) which was dated May 13, Im waiting for at least this much news of you folks. True, I havent written very often of late myself but this has not been altogether my fault. Since writing my last letter, Ive been on a two day leave spending the time in a town of pretty fair size situated near where we were at that time stationed. We are now at the front again, but I must say that I had a very good time on my few days leave.


The weather is fine now and beleive me we appreciate it, for were it otherwise it would be very uncomfortable. You have probably read (by this time) of the little affair we got into, and let me tell you Em they sure did get the worst of the argument, and then some. That was quite an item and picture of the new church, and I suppose it is quite a sight to watch the different peoples congragate. I thought it would be funny if Al didn’t get over to see it if he was any where near Boston. Dont forget those pictures will you Em? I tried to have some taken of myself but as usual I was last on the list and couldn’t be handled in the two only places in the town.


Has Harry left yet? Yesterday was the 17th bt I thought nothing of it until a little while ago. Of coarse I knew it was the 17 of June but as every day is the same here it ment nothing to me. Was glad to hear every body was well and I hope that things will continue on this train. Summer; I suppose it is in full swing now, and I hope you all enjoy a pleasant vacation.


This is about all I can scrape up to say this time, but will try and write soon again. Tell every one I was asking for them and send my best regards. Trusting this finds you all well I will bid you good night




Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.


[Editor’s Note: June 17th is Bunker Hill Day, a legal holiday in the City of Boston and surrounding Suffolk County, Massachusetts which marks the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775 at the beginning of the American Revolution. Bunker Hill itself and the Bunker Hill Monument are located in Sam’s home neighborhood on Bunker Hill Street in Charlestown. The town Sam refers to taking leave in is most probably Toul, France.]



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  1. Thank you for this website. It is excellent in its presentation as well as being very informative. It takes you on a journey of discovery from training to getting ready for war to taking part in battle. The resource material is extensive and really represents a great learning forum. What you learn is something you do not get from watching the Discovery or History Channels.

  2. Oh Sam! You gave me such a fright when I read the news about that hun attack on your 103rd.

    And am I slow? I never realized you hail from Suffolk county. I come from Suffolk, England. I hope if you ever fetch over the channel you have time to have a look at the place.

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