Somewhere in the Pas Fini Sector, 7/6/1918


Dear Em and the rest.


As usual I am at this writing, O.K. and although we are now in the thick of it, I am very confident that Ill be all right when things are settled. I try to send a letter from no matter where I happen to be, and at present Im writing this because I have the opportunity, and the inclination (for Im never minus this latter).


Ive answered the two letters you last sent and Im in hopes of getting some more mail soon. Of late Im always pleased, yes, and feel lucky beleive me, to be able to say Im as usual. Some time I hope to be able to relate to you some of the things Ive seen and experienced but at present they had better be left unsaid. Every thing is forgotten as soon as they happen and for this reason I think I would make a very bad story if I tried to explain what is and what has been going on.


I don’t know how you have been receiving my mail, but I hope the few I do write get to you in a reasonable length of time. I hope this mistle finds every one in the best of health and spirits. Rest assured that I will be unless that bunch on the other side of us here don’t spill the beans, and put into reality (for me) that song “I don’t want to get well.”


You say Em that by my letters you can tell how Im feeling and just what mood Im in. Well Em if you follow them very close latly you will see that Im in the mood to just let you know that they havent got me yet and that is all.


I am going to grab off a little chow now and am in hopes of getting a little pound tonight, and so Ill close as ever.



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.



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