Somewhere advancing on Trugny, 7/21/1918


Dear Em and the rest.


I do not intend to write much, for to tell the truth I am far from the writing mood just now. We are going through a critical period right now, and it is just to let you know that Im all right physically, that Im writing.


I received a letter from Al and one from you dated June 23, in which I got the pictures I appreciate them very much. Leonard sure is some boy. To sum it all up, every one looks natural and I thank you very much for sending them. I recognize Old George’s House all right. Glad to know that Pa is up and about. I hope Pa enjoys his vacation.


Now Em the papers have no doubt imparted the news to you folks at home. It is too much for me to discribe the happenings especially now. As I said before Im O.K. and hope to get through all right.


Give my regards to all, for I can only seem to write only what is nessessary. Trusting this finds to all well



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.



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Taking Sacerie Farm, 7/21/1918

The Brigade advance continued on July 21 as the German Army fell  back across a broad front in a general retreat. The 103rd Infantry moved through Sacerie Wood and Sacerie Farm towards Trugny where it again encountered stiff German resistance in the area of Epieds…