Somewhere near Etrepilly, 7/27/1918

July 27 I guess


Dear Folks


This is a sheet of paper that Miss Treat sent in a letter I just received but I guess she will excuse me for using it to send a few lines home to let you know Im still O.K. Yes, I came out of it all right but let me say I was lucky more than once for we were in it proper this time. Of coarse the papers are full of it now telling the objectives and successes that have all ready been obtained, and as for my own personal experiences (which are a few) I will leave for a latter date when after going back over them Im sure will loom up so that I can better relate them. I want to admit right here that I was not the bravest guy in the world for I wasn’t just where the brave stuff was pulled.


We are now where we left off following up the Hun which is well behind the lines now for they are still going. We don’t know if we are to go right back at them again or not, for here we are just within ear shot of the guns neither going ahead nor back, and being replaced by new men for those that have been knocked off in the recent fighting. For mine I hope it is back for a rest for beleive me we surly nead it after putting in three weeks on this front.


I got Em’s two letters, one telling of your moving to Everett, but for safty I will send this to 297 so it will not get lost. If we go back for a rest you can expect some real letters from me but I can’t promise much while living this life.


It has been raining now for three days and being out in it can’t be called the best of luck. Was very much pleased with Lena’s letter and will answer you bet.



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf.



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