From Em, Everett Mass. 8/4/1918

Dear Sam.


It is just a week since I last wrote to you and I realy intended to write before. It is over three weeks now since we heard from you but of course we understand how things are and how busy you must be. You are certainly doing great work and keep it up.


We have a new member added to the family which takes up a lot of my time. Bert brought home a little kitten and it looks so much like Toodles that we named it Toodles. We are going to take her picture and send it to you. We have Leonard over here with us for two weeks. He told Mrs. Dowden Lena and I all about the movies and he made us laugh until I thought we’d bust. Henry and Bert went to the ball game. (The navy teams are playing today). We are going down to the movies tomorrow night with Leonard. He said if he was a soldier he’d kill the Kiaser and get full of medals.


The Telephone School is closed until September so I’ll have to wait until it opens again before I can try for a job. We are trying to get a telephone in but I don’t know when they intend to come with it. Pa bought a telephone stand and a chair that he can use when he wants to read. Aunt Madge and Molly are coming out here next Wednesday to spend the day. They were coming out last week but Madge was sick and they called it off. Madge hears from Tom quite often now and he give a good account of himself.


Uncle Al was over Friday night and he brought the old Family Bible from Maine. Seeing that Pa was the only one who had a family he gave it to him. Pa reconized it right away and he was glad to get it. Its as big as a picture album and we have it on the parlor table. In looking over the family record it shows that Pa was born in ’52 making him 66 years old.


Bert and Henry got home from the ball game and we just got through our supper. We are now waiting for Pa. He don’t get home tonight until 8.30. Bert’s sister Alice and her friend are coming over and we are going to have a sing.


I hope this letter reaches you O.K. and that it finds you in the best of health. We are all feeling fine and this air out here is great. Lena is now at the piano and I am going to close wishing that you return home soon. Henry and Leonard sends their love and of cource you know is always the same.


With Love from all



[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


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