Field Hospital No. 104 at Luzancy, 8/6/1918


Dear Em,


It will some what surprise you to learn where I am but I want to say right here that Im getting along alright and when I get some of my old time strength back again (which will be in a very few days now) I will go from here. If my last letter reached you alright and if you will recall what it said you will remember that I wrote it just after we were relieved after a very tough seige of it.


Well we stayed in those woods for two or three days after I sent that letter and then we started on a two day hike. I felt myself going it seemed at every step the second day but I stuck it out until I finished and (then) I went all to peices. You all know what I am when my stomack goes back on me. To sum it all up I was completely all in. Even then I tried to stick it out and not come to the hospital (this lasted two more days) but at last I was driven to this place. The first time (as far as I know) that I was ever in a hospital in my life. Of coarse if I was home there Lena could have fixed me up in no time (but you’re not at home in the army). That song “I don’t want to get well” dont go with me.


Ive been here since the second and I know there must be some mail back at the company for me. Another reason why I want to get well. We expect to get furloughs soon, and Ill at least have had a good rest before getting mine.


To change the subject, what do you think of the Hun? The N.A.’s are at em now and I hope they finish them. You will no doubt see now why you havent heard from me for so long. Give my regards to all and rest contented that Ill be O.K. very soon. I hope you are well settled in the new place. Ill have to close




Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf.


P.S. Well in looking over the letters you sent I can’t find the one with the new address so I will have to send this to the old stand. The only envelope I could scrape up. How do you like it?



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