From Em, Everett Mass. 8/7/1918

Dear Sam.


Received two letters from you last Monday night. Your letters were dated July 1 & 6. We all went down the movies and it was late when we got home. Henry was over last night to supper and he stayed quite late but as late as it is now I am going to write any way. Alice (Bert’s sister) was over all evening and she played the piano. It is almost ten o’clock and I am going to put few words down on this trusty old paper just to let you know that I am still with you.


This was the first mail we got from you for almost a month and it was good news to hear you are still well and on the job. In your letter you spoke of reaching your new sector. Yes I guess you are well into it now alright.


I haven’t been down the beach lately and in fact I haven’t been anywhere to speak since we moved out here. It is so late when I get home and anyway the back piazza is the coolest spot in the country. I roll out of bed at 5.30 and leave here and at 6.15. I get home at 6.30 and like to get to bed at ten o’clock. We took the kitten picture and we are going to send one to you when we get them. Leonard is all undressed and he is waiting for me to go to bed with him. We are great bed chums. We are all well and we hope this finds you the same.


With Love from all



P.S. After you kill some more germans and knock the Kaisiers head off come home. I think you are a fine soldier. With Love Leonard X X X


[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


© Copyright 2009 by Richard Landers, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission.

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