From Em, Everett Mass. 8/12/1918

Dear Sam.


If you are getting mail regular you will wonder what happened to me and my mail. I haven’t written to you for a week but to tell the truth news is scarce and its the same thing over and over. I fool a lot of my time away playing with the kitten. She is lying in my lap now watching this pencil. We all leave here early in the morning so Lena goes back to bed and the kitten goes with her.


I saw that movie picture “My Four Years in Germany” written by Girard and it was worth seeing. There was no story to it, only facts and true happenings that he himself witnessed. Plants gave out tickets to his employees and I went with the Higgins.


It was another hot day and it will be a hot night. I received a card from Lil. She is on her vacation. I get one week in September and I am going to stay right here at home and rest. Leonard went home Sunday. When he saw his father he got homesick. Every night in bed he asked me when you were coming home. He says he’ll stay over six weeks. He likes to be over here but I guess he misses the kids on the street.


This would be a good night for the beach but I have to get up early in the morning. We are all well and every one sends their regards. Hoping this letter finds you well and in the best of spirits I will close.


With Love from all



[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


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