Evacuation Hospital No. 7 at Chateau Montanglaust, 8/13/1918

Chateau Montanglaust

Dear Em,


"American Nurse" by Baldridge, 1918

Ive been transferred to another hospital and getting along very nicely now, getting very good treatment. My stumack must have got in pretty bad shape alright to have put me in a hospital all this time. There are quite a few cases of this nature though some not getting along as good as I am. The nurses are very pleasant here and try to do all they can for us. I was in hopes of being able to join the company again from the field hospital but the doc said no so here I am. I feel fine today and in high hopes of getting kicked out to find my company very soon.


Ive received no mail since long before entering the hospital and don’t expect to until I get back to the company for they don’t know where I am and cant send it. The Y.M.C.A. man just came around and gave us a sack of Bull and this writing paper both coming in very handy. Gee I wish I could get ahold of the mail that Im pretty sure must be waiting for me where the company is. I wish I had something to say but it’s the same old story. If I had some of your letters I might fill this paper up a little by answering some of them.


Well Ill be out of this pretty soon and then watch out for mail. I hope this finds you all well and rest assured that by the time this reaches you I will have been with my company some time. Give my regards to all, I remain



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf.



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From Lena, Everett Mass. 8/13/1918

Dear Sam.


This has been a hot day but there is a little breeze blowing now which feels quite nice. I just came in from Bert’s mothers and I found Millie writing to you so I thought I might to do a little. Ive dreamt three times in a week that you was home and I hope soon one of those dreams will come true.


The papers are very encouraging latley and the French gave the Yanks great praise. Lil was over one night and I realy think she enjoyed herself. Billie Rogers and his wife was here the same night and they are as good as any team on the stage. I served a light supper of salad and “Im Neutral” was the hit of the evening. Bert had to play it 4 times for Rogers. You would have the time of your life if you was here.


We have a kitten that is ready to play every minute of the day. Just now she is in and out of Berts shoes. When pa is reaching she runs up his leg to his shoulder and he thinks she is some cat.


Now Sam there is no news but I know you like to get one of these letters even if they are short. Bert has to register Sept.3rd ages between 31-45. Every body is well and we all think of you in these days of the big doings. Just watch out and get home when its all over.


Love from all



[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


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