From Em, Everett Mass. 8/17/1918

Dear Sam.


Received your letter dated July 2, and it sure was welcome news to hear you were still O.K. I am glad you received the pictures and I know it must seem good to you to received mail at the place you are in. We took some pictures of the kitten but they didn’t come out very good so I won’t bother to send any to you.


This is a fine day. It is nice and cool. We have just got through supper and I wish you could have had some of these beans. There was a piece in the paper about President Wilson driving all around Boston and no one recognized him. He went through Newspaper Row and the North End and down Revere. He certainly put one over on Boston alright.


It is such a swell night I think Ill go out. Uncle Al was over last night and I told him you received his letter. He said he would write again some time. Lena is frosting a cake. I guess she must be expecting Henry over. (Stick your nose in it, Sam). She gives him a loaf of home made bread once in a while and he certainly appreciates it.


Pa is out on the piazza enjoying his pipe and reading the paper. He is always out on the piazza and the kitten stays out there with him. Aunt Madge and her folks are all well and so are we. Hoping this finds you in the best of health I will close.


With Love from all



[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


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