Base Hospital No. 6 at Bordeaux, 8/19/1918


Dear Em.


I have again been transfered to a base hospital making the forth now since Aug 2. Expecting all the time that I would be well enough to go back to the company for duty I havent sent for my mail to be forwarded, and if I had I believe it would be following me all over France for I havent been in one place long enough to have had any mail answered.


Will say that Im an awful long way from the front now, the first time that Ive been out of sound of the big guns since Feb. 1. The climate is great here not having seen as much as a cloud in the sky since my arrival. My stumack is O.K. all but at times when it bothers me a little. Im improving all the time. Ive got back the most of my strength (which was never much you know) and some of my weight (which is another thing I can’t boast much of). All the boys in the ward call me slim so you see Im just about normal.


There is a fellow here that lives in Hayes Square, and we sure have had some real chats since making ourselves known to each other. He was drafted and only landed in France some time in May. He is in the artillery and took part in our recent drive on the Marne. He has the same trouble as my selve although he is in worse shape. He is the first chap Ive met from Charlestown since leaving for the front away back in Feb.


Im sending all my letters to 297 until I get a letter giving the new address, trusting that they reach you all right. Gee I would like to hear from you, but I had to go and get sick and now Ive got to put up with the result.


With best wishes to all I am




S.E. Avery, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces


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