From Em, Everett Mass. 8/24/1918

Dear Sam.


This has been another warm day but it is now a little cooler. This is Saturday and you know all the Saturdays are alike here. Lena and I are waiting for Bert and he ought to be here soon. They are putting new car rails down in Chelsea St. and he is flagging cars. He gets through at six o’clock. Pa has his hours changed this week from ten to eight and he wont get here until nine o’clock. Its vacation time now and he gets shifted around. Leonard is six years old today and he will be over tomorrow sure. They come over every Sunday and it makes it seem real homelike.


The old Priest of the St. Francis de Sales Church died this afternoon. You remember the time Mr. Holland introduced you to him don’t you? He was called “Father James.” He will be greatly missed on the hill.


I see by the papers that Sergt. Melvin has a commission as Leiutenant. How many of the old Co. K. crowd are with you now and who are they? We are trying to keep tabs on the old bunch. I hear that the three Coynes have gone over.


Well I guess Bert is not coming home right away so Lena and I are going to have our supper now and then go down the Square and do some shopping. Hoping this letter finds you in good health I remain.


With Love from all



[This letter was returned to sender while Sam was in hospitals]


© Copyright 2009 by Richard Landers, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission.

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