Base Hospital No. 6 at Bordeaux, 9/3/1918

Dear Em.


Ive sent to the company for my mail for I havent received any as yet since around the 20th of July. Im hoping it gets here before I leave the hospital to rejoin the company for it will mean quite a while before I get it if I dont intercept it here. Ive regained all my strength but my stumack is still a little out of the way. I know if I could get ahold of some of your mail I would have something to say, for there is very little of interest to speak of in a hospital.


The war news is very incouraging and I look for a big break soon. That will be a happy day beleive me. Ive got to continue sending my mail to 297 until I get your mail letting me know where you now live. Gee I would like to get a few letters from you. I hope Pa, Lena, Bert and yourself is O.K. for it seems an age since Ive heard from you.


Give my regards to All the rest



Samuel E. Avery, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. A.E.F.



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